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Wedding Venue in Baltimore

There are plenty of private event venues and waterfront wedding venues in Maryland, but are they going to exceed your expectations like Tabrizi’s wedding venue Baltimore MD?

Tabrizi’s prides itself on creating the wedding of your dream through our unparalleled venue, accommodating services and exquisite staff.

Tabrizi’s Mediterranean restaurant and marina-style wedding venue in Baltimore MD is how we’ve been captivating our guests since 2007.

Tabrizi's | Tabrizi's Wedding Venue Baltimore MD | Wedding Venue in Baltimore

Wedding Reception Venue

A classy and elegant waterfront wedding starts at Tabrizi’s wedding venue in Baltimore MD.

Just minutes away from the Ritz Carlton Residence and the Ponte Villa Project, the heart of Baltimore City houses Tabrizi’s Restaurant and wedding venue.

Tabrizi’s offers our wedding parties full-scale wedding services and a seating capacity of 250 guests.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate over 250 guests. However, we hope that you choose our venue for other portions of your wedding celebration, such as your wedding rehearsal dinner.

Venue for Wedding and Reception

Tabrizi’s wedding venue is enchanting and offers the bride-and-groom-to-be everything that they have ever dreamed of, plus more, for their special day.

Tabrizi’s wedding venue in Baltimore MD has an outdoor space dedicated to the wedding ceremony. This space offers you and your guests the freedom to relax before the ceremony, as well as during the cocktail hour.

After the ceremony, the 1st floor of Tabrizi’s wedding venue is reserved for the cocktail hour prior to the wedding reception.

If your wedding celebration is a more intimate affair, you may also book the 1st floor of our romantic wedding venue for your reception. If your celebration is larger, we recommend that you book the 2nd floor for us to adequately accommodate you and your guests.

Refreshments, savory hors d’oeuvres, yummy cocktails and other libations will be served throughout our inside lounge area and spacious, outdoor patio during the cocktail hour, before your big celebration begins.

After the cocktail hour, we’ll redirect you and your party to our luxurious reception room on the 2nd floor, where you’ll greet your loved ones, have your first dance as a married couple, enjoy your reception dinner and soiree the night away.

The 2nd floor of our wedding reception venue offers bay windows, natural lighting and overlooks the patio that is in the back of the reception space. You and your guests are welcome to use the outdoor patio on the second floor whenever you’d like to step out for some fresh air.

Throughout our reception space are high-top tables where you and your guests can stand, dance, enjoy dessert or a beverage before or after dinner.

The entire space is filled with dining tables to seat you and your guests during your reception dinner.

Each table graciously seats eight guests and depending on how large or intimate your guest list is, Tabrizi’s can accommodate your seating chart further, if needed. We appreciate you understanding that our wedding reception venue can only seat up to 250 guests.

Our wedding reception venue also has a dance floor and full bar if you wish to have a DJ and serve libations during your wedding celebration.

Should you choose to have your waterfront wedding at Tabrizi’s we also offer our event coordinator, free of charge.

Visit our FAQ page for further details on our event coordinator.

Tabrizi's Wedding Venue Baltimore MD

Tabrizi’s wedding venue in Baltimore MD makes it seamless to have a remarkably enchanted evening, every time.

There are hundreds of private event venues and waterfront wedding venues in Maryland that you can risk trusting on your big day, but Tabrizi’s positive testimonials speak for themselves.

If you have any questions about our wedding venue in Baltimore MD, contact us on our website.

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