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Waterfront Wedding Venues in Maryland

A waterfront wedding venue is the dreamiest way to tie the knot with your loved one, especially when you do it at Tabrizi’s.

Tabrizi’s Restaurant & Wedding Event Venue offers our guests a spacious, captivating space with countless amenities for a celebration that you’ll never forget.

Invite up to 250 of your closest friends and family members to admire the love that has bonded all of you on your big day.

Waterfront Wedding Venue: Tips & Ideas

Sandy, Mediterranean beaches may be what comes to mind when you think of a waterfront wedding venue. However, Tabrizi’s is much more elegant and much less humid than a beach wedding.

Our waterfront wedding venue is conveniently located on the marina in South Baltimore, where our guests will experience coastal views like never before.

The ceremony will take place on our outdoor patio, unless the couple chooses otherwise.

This outdoor space also offers your guests the freedom to relax before and after the ceremony, as well as during the cocktail hour.

Being that much of our wedding ceremonies take place outdoors, it’s vital to have a checklist to ensure that your special day goes as planned:

1. Plan for the Weather

A wedding is typically planned far in advance where most of the time, it’s impossible to gauge what the weather will be like.

It’s especially hard to predict the weather in the warmer seasons when most couples want to get hitched, but not to worry, Tabrizi’s has you covered.

Hosting your celebration at our waterfront wedding venue guarantees monitoring of the weather days in advance, and if needed, we’ll resort to a Plan B!

Plan B can be as easy as moving the ceremony/reception indoors, or as creative as pitching a lavish wedding tent around our outdoor area.

Either way, we’ll listen to your desires to create the wedding you’ve always wanted.

2. Water & Windproof Décor

Another weather-related tip is to resort to weatherproof decorations.

We believe that you should embellish with weatherproof décor for the outdoor space whether or not the weather will be as planned.

This guarantees one less worry on your (and our) list!

3. Keep Your Guests Comfortable

While it’s our job to keep everyone comfortable, it’s yours to ensure that your guests will be relaxed if a portion of your celebration is hosted outdoors.

If, for some reason, our outdoor area cannot accommodate all of your guests or the weather really isn’t suitable for an outdoor wedding ceremony, we’ll work around any issues that arise.

4. Dress Appropriately

Tabrizi’s waterfront wedding venue allows the guests to wear whatever they’d like.

The concrete flooring on our patio is smooth and suitable for even the bride’s newest Jimmy Choos.

In the event of precipitation, we’ll plan around it accordingly.

Please keep in mind that we maintain the outdoor patio throughout the evening, but it is still an outdoor area prone to nature.

You are more than welcome to wear the dress of your dreams and we hope that you surely do, but lengthy veils or trains may be more difficult to keep pristine while you’re outdoors.

Waterfront Wedding Venues

As whimsical as a waterfront wedding is, it still requires time, effort and planning.

Some may even argue that a waterfront wedding requires more planning than an indoor wedding, but thankfully, this isn’t Tabrizi’s first or last waterfront wedding.

We’ll help you plan and coordinate any and every aspect of your wedding in hopes of an unforgettable celebration that marks the rest of your lives.

For questions or inquiries about our waterfront wedding venue, contact us by phone or on our website.

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