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Tabrizi's Feeds the Homeless

Every Year around Baltimore Restaurant Week date, Tabrizi's hosts its own Homeless Restaurant Week by inviting all Baltimore City Homeless individuals from the city shelters. This year, the dates are from July 29th July until August 2nd, a straight 5 days event. Tabrizi's will be offering two seating with about 100 guests each capacity, late morning and afternoon. The guests will be transported by donated buses from the shelters and back. Tabrizi's staff volunteers every years at the two major events, Homeless Restaurant Week and Veterans Day Dinner. Currently Tabrizi's volunteers Database holds over 900 people who are willing to volunteer for the event. If you wish to add your name to the list, please email us at:

michael at tabrizis dot com.

How this all started?

In 2015, and after Michael's encounter with a homeless man, Michael decided to convert the annual Restaurant Week to the Homeless Restaurant Week. The initiation and the huge success of Homeless Restaurant Week by Tabrizi's, has gained a national and global recognition.

"I formed Chefs Table Foundation Inc.(donations on the website are very appreciated) last August after the success of 2015 Homeless Restaurant Week. The foundation has received a (301)c tax exempt status from the IRS and all donations are tax deductible. I am the only employee of the company and I draw no wages". Homeless Restaurant Week was sponsored last year by Tabrizi Enterprises Inc. and will be every year as well. The donations are entirely for the project below. "I know feeding the homeless is a noble thing to do, but I was thinking that if I can teach qualified homeless individuals a skill, perhaps they can feed themselves and be out of the shelters. So, the idea is to raise enough funds and open a “Homeless Restaurant Training Center” where it will offer regular meals to regular patrons, but also every weekday between 11 and 2 pm, homeless people can come and be served a special meal served by a server. The restaurant will be run mostly by volunteer chefs and managers, and the homeless qualified candidates will learn and work as well so they can obtain a skill and earn a decent living. They will be sent to a school to learn about commercial food handling and will be certified." Mr. Tabrizi said to Baltimore Magazine. The candidates must be all registered in shelters to qualify for the program, Chefs Table Foundation Inc. and Tabrizi Enterprises Inc. main goal is to raise $200,000.00, the plan is to purchase an abandoned building and convert it to such facility, either a Baltimore city property or a church owned property. So, once they have the funds, it will be much easier to convince the officials. So let's wish them luck.

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