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Beef Lasagna From Tabrizi’s Restaurant

For all pick up orders, please order from this page
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Pick up/take out and Indoor Dining hours:
Tue--Thursday  5 pm - 9:00 pm
Friday-Sat 5pm - 9:30
Kitchen Closes at 9:15 Friday& Sat
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Fried Cauliflower Florets | Tabrizi’s Restaurant

Online Food Ordering in Baltimore, MD

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Looking for quality Middle Eastern dishes and Mediterranean food while you’re in Baltimore MD?


At Tabrizi’s Restaurant, Mediterranean cuisine is always prepared and served the way it should be.


Authentic, fresh & delicious. 


We make it easy for you to get your hands on quality cuisines, without having to fly across to the Mediterranean sea.


Open up your appetite with our Mediterranean region small bites, savory mezze-starters, or fresh greens and salads. 


From hummus, falafel, wings, tahini sauce, fried halloumi, to seafood bites, olive oil baked veggies and so much more, we have a light appetizer for whatever you are craving.


Eastern Mediterranean countries overpower our menu, and of course we offer a feta cheese greek salad too.


All of our Mediterranean dishes and Middle Eastern cuisines are authentically made with rose water, fresh herbs and traditional Mediterranean spices.


If you want to jump right into our bona fide entrees, meats, pizzas and burgers, go right ahead! 


Expand your taste buds and try something new. Our chicken kebabs, juicy lamb lollipops, Moroccan spicy chicken, lemon juice branzino filet, or Turkish eggplant lamb dish are guaranteed to satisfy you.


If you're not a big fan of the Mediterranean diet and Middle Eastern spiced foods, there are plenty more entrees to choose from.


Tabrizi’s Restaurant Baltimore offers traditional street food dishes as well.


Chicken parmesan pasta, three-cheese ravioli, an all-beef burger or pepperoni pizza are just a few Italian or American dishes with their own Tabrizi’s twist.


If more than one recipe catches your eye, Tabrizi’s Restaurant also offers various sides for online ordering and takeout. 


Prawns, broccolini, Brussel sprouts, ahi tuna and pita chips are a few of our popular recipes that guests always favor.


We save the best for last and the last course is always dessert.


Even if you never have much of a sweet tooth, or you simply never leave room for dessert, you will start after trying our sweet treats.


If we’re staying in Mediterranean cuisine category, then our pistachio baklava or Burma pastries are both perfect for you.  


Anytime you have a craving for chocolate, we recommend a thick, creamy slice of our imported Belgian chocolate cake. 


Are you feeling overwhelmed with our dishes and choices? 


You can never go wrong with Italian tiramisu or French crepes. 


Tiramisu is an acquired taste and if you don't enjoy coffee, then we recommend our orange marmalade crepes. They are the perfect combination of sweet and refreshing.


The perfect way to end a meal is with any of our desserts. Just try one and you’ll thank yourself later for when you want to reorder it.


Amazing Mediterranean food Baltimore starts at Tabrizi’s Restaurant.


Call ahead or order online today!

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